Data in HEALPix format

Applications related to HEALPix

  • The CMBFAST, CAMB and CLASS softwares can be used for the computation of the theoretical spectra of CMB anisotropy. The HEALPix synfast program reads in the output of these applications to allow one to generate random realizations of the observable CMB sky
  • The LensPix software can be used to simulate lensed polarized CMB maps in HEALPix format using MPI
  • The Planck Sky Model to simulate the IR and submm sky
  • GALPROP: Numerical code for calculating the propagation of relativistic charged particles and the diffuse emissions they produce (now compatible with HEALPix 3.11 and newer)
  • CLUMPY: Computation of photon fluxes from dark matter annihilation or decay in galaxy haloes

  • Visualization tools supporting HEALPix maps in FITS format: Aladin Sky Atlas (which can overlay any astronomical map or catalog), HealpixViewer, Univiewer, SkyViewer
  • HEALPix based Hierarchical Progressive Surveys (HiPS) mechanism to access, visualize and browse images, catalogues and cube data
  • ESA Sky to search, retrieve, explore and visualize the entire sky as observed by ESA (and other) astronomy missions (help desk)
  • Montage Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine: to stitch and reproject astronomical images, including those in HEALPix format

  • Healpy: python wrapper to HEALPix (now included in HEALPix package)
  • S2Hat: Scalable Spherical Harmonics transforms
  • PolSPICE: Temperature+Polarization angular power spectrum extraction tool dealing with the effects of cut-sky, beam smoothing, noise contamination...
  • DisPerSE: Automatic identification of persistent structures in 2D & 3D
  • Wavelets on the Sphere: iSAP, MRS, S2LET, spherelib (previously SphereLab)
  • FLINTS: interpolation algorithm of fields sampled on a sphere

HEALPix in the literature

Published articles using HEALPix: