This routine reads a HEALPix map from a binary FITS-file. The routine can read a temperature map or both temperature and polarisation maps (T,Q,U)

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/mod/fitstools.F90 


call read_bintab*( filename, map, npixtot, nmaps, nullval, anynull[,header, units, extno] )

Arguments appearing in italic are optional.


name &d imensionality kind in/out description
filename(LEN=filenamelen) CHR IN filename of FITS-file containing the map(s).
npixtot I4B IN Number of pixels to be read from map.
nmaps I4B IN number of maps to be read, 1 for temperature only, and 3 for (T,Q,U).
map(0:npixtot-1,1:nmaps) SP/ DP OUT the map read from the FITS-file.
nullval SP/ DP OUT value of missing pixels in the map.
anynull LGT OUT .TRUE., if there are missing pixels, and .FALSE. otherwise.
header(LEN=80)(1:)(OPTIONAL) CHR OUT character string array containing the FITS header read from the file. Its dimension has to be defined prior to calling the routine
units(LEN=*)(1:nmaps) CHR OUT character string array containing the physical units of each map read
extno I4B IN extension number to read the data from (0 based).default:0 (the first extension is read)


call read_bintab ('map.fits', map, 12*32**2, 1, nullval, anynull)
Reads a HEALPix temperature map from the file `map.fits' to the array map(0:12*32**2-1,1:1). The pixel number 12*32**2 is the number of pixels in a ${N_{\rm side}}=32$ HEALPix map. If there are missing pixels in the input file (with value NaN (Not a Number), $\pm$Infinity, or matching the FITS keyword BAD_DATA) then anynull is .TRUE. and these pixels get the value returned in nullval.


This section lists the modules and routines used by read_bintab*.

module, containing:
routine for printing FITS error messages.
library for FITS file handling.


This section lists the routines related to read_bintab*

Routine which reads a map using read_bintab* and fills missing pixels with a given value.
Routine which analyse a map and returns the alm coefficients.
Routine to read cut sky HEALPix FITS maps
write_plm, write_bintab
Routines to write HEALPix FITS maps

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06