Routine to find the index of all pixels enclosed in a latitude strip. The output indices can be either in the RING or NESTED scheme

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/mod/pix_tools.F90 


call query_strip( nside, theta1, theta2, listpix, nlist[, nest, inclusive] )


name&dimensionality kind in/out description
nside I4B IN the ${N_{\rm side}}$ parameter of the map.
theta1 DP IN colatitude lower bound in radians measured from North Pole (between 0 and $\pi$).
theta2 DP IN colatitude upper bound in radians measured from North Pole (between 0 and $\pi$). If theta1< theta2, the pixels lying in [theta1,theta2] are output, otherwise, the pixel lying in [0, theta2] and those lying in [theta1, $\pi$] are output.
listpix(0:*) I4B/ I8B OUT the index for all pixels enclosed in the strip(s). Make sure that the size of the array is big enough to contain all pixels.
nlist I4B/ I8B OUT The number of pixels listed in listpix.
nest (OPTIONAL) I4B IN The pixel indices are in the NESTED numbering scheme if nest=1, and in RING scheme otherwise.
inclusive (OPTIONAL) I4B IN If set to 1, all the pixels overlapping (even partially) with the strip are listed; otherwise only those whose center lies within the strip are listed.


call query_strip(256,0.75*PI,0.2*PI,listpix,nlist,nest=1)
Returns the NESTED pixel index of all pixels with colatitude in [0,$\pi/5$] and those with colatitude in [$3\pi/4$,$\pi$]


This section lists the modules and routines used by query_strip.

routine to find the pixels in a certain slice of a given ring.
routine to compute the intersection of 2 intervals on a circle
function to return the ring number corresponding to the coordinate z
routine to compute the vectorial product of two 3D vectors


This section lists the routines related to query_strip

pix2ang, ang2pix
convert between angle and pixel number.
pix2vec, vec2pix
convert between a cartesian vector and pixel number.
query_disc, query_polygon,
query_strip, query_triangle
render the list of pixels enclosed respectively in a given disc, polygon, latitude strip and triangle
computes the surface in steradians of a spherical triangle defined by 3 vertices

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06