get_healpix_main_dir, $\ldots$

A few functions are available to return the full path to HEALPix main directory and its data and test subdirectories. This allow those paths to be controlled by preprocessing macros or environment variables in case of non-standard installation of the HEALPix directory structure.

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/mod/paramfile_io.F90 

hmd = get_healpix_main_dir()

    returns the full path to the main HEALPix directory. It will be determined, in this order, from the value of the preprocessing macros HEALPIX and HEALPIXDIR if they are defined or the environment variable $HEALPIX otherwise  

hdd = get_healpix_data_dir()

    returns the full path to HEALPix data subdirectory. It will be determined from the preprocessing macro HEALPIXDATA or the environment variable $HEALPIXDATA. If both fail, it will return the list of directories {. ../data ./data .. $HEALPIX $HEALPIX/data $HEALPIX/../data $HEALPIX$\backslash$data} separated by LineFeed.  

htd = get_healpix_test_dir()

    returns the full path to HEALPix test subdirectory. It will be determined, in this order, from the preprocessing macro HEALPIXTEST, the environment variable $HEALPIXTEST or $HEALPIX/test.  

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06