Changes between releases 3.20 and 3.31

Version 3.31

* Bug correction in input_map routine for reading of polarized multi-HDU cut sky FITS files;
* Introduction of winfiledir_* and windowfile_* qualifiers in alteralm facility.

Version 3.30

* new routines nest2uniq and uniq2nest for conversion of standard pixel index to/from Unique ID number. See ''The Unique Identifier scheme'' section in ''HEALPix Introduction Document'' for more details.
* alm2cl can now produces nine spectra (TT, EE, BB, TE, TB, EB, ET, BT and BE), instead of six previously, when called with two sets of polarized alm and can also symmetrize the output C(l) if requested
* the alm generated by create_alm can now take into account non-zero (exotic) TB and EB cross-spectra (option polar=2) if the input FITS file contains the relevant information
* addition of asym_cl optional keyword in write_minimal_header routine
* addition of extno optional keyword in write_asctab routine to write in arbitrary HDU
* improved repeat behavior in write_bintabh routine
* edited map2alm_iterative routine to avoid a bug specific to Intel's Ifort 15.0.2
* CFITSIO version 3.20 (August 2009) or more now required

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06