This routine creates a double precision binary FITS-file from a given array. The routine is used by the HEALPix facility plmgen to store precomputed $P_{lm}(\theta)$.

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/mod/fitstools.F90 


call write_plm( plm, nplm, nhar, header, nlheader, filename, nsmax, nlmax )


name&dimensionality kind in/out description
plm(0:nplm-1,1:nhar) DP IN the array with the precomputed $P_{lm}(\theta)$ values.
nplm I4B IN Number of Plm values to store.
nhar I4B IN 1 for scalar Plm only and 3 for tensor harmonics.
header(LEN=80) (1:nlheader) CHR IN The header for the FITS-file.
nlheader I4B IN number of header lines to write to the file.
filename(LEN=filenamelen) CHR IN the precomputed $P_{lm}(\theta)$ values are written to this file.
nsmax I4B IN Nside for the precomputed $P_{lm}\!\!$ s.
nlmax I4B IN maximum l value for the precomputed $P_{lm}\!\!$ s.


call write_plm (plm, 65*66*32, 1, header, 120, `plm_32.fits', 32, 64)
Makes a double precision binary FITS-file called `plm_32.fits' from the precomputed $P_{lm}(\theta)$ in the array plm(0:65*66*32-1,1:1). The number 65*66*32 corresponds to the number of precomputed $P_{lm}\!\!$ s needed for a Nside=32 HEALPix map synthesis/analysis. The header for the FITS-file is given in the string array header and the number of lines in the header is 120.


This section lists the modules and routines used by write_plm.

module, containing:
routine for printing FITS error messages.
library for FITS file handling.


This section lists the routines related to write_plm

read_dbintab, read_bintab
routines which reads a file created by write_plm.
map2alm, alm2map
routines using precomputed $P_{lm}(\theta)$.

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06