This IDL facility reads a FITS file into an IDL structure.

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/idl/fits/ 


IDL> READ_FITS_S , File, Prim_stc, [Xten_stc, COLUMNS=, EXTENSION=, /HELP, /MERGE]


name of a FITS file containing the healpix map(s) in an extension or in the image field

variable containing on output an IDL structure with the following fields:
- primary header (tag : 0, tag name : HDR)
- primary image (if any, tag : 1, tag name : IMG)

variable containing on output an IDL structure with the following fields:
- extension header (tag : 0, tag name : HDR)
- data column 1 (if any, tag : 1, tag name given by TTYPE1 (with all spaces removed and only letters, digits and underscore)
- data column 2 (if any, tag : 2, tag name given by TTYPE2)

list of columns to be read from a binary table can be a list of integer (1 based) indexing the columns positions or a list of names matching the TTYPE* of the columns by default, all columns are read

extension unit to be read from FITS file: either its 0-based ID number (ie, 0 for first extension after primary array) or the case-insensitive value of its EXTNAME keyword. default:0


if set, an extensive help is displayed and no file is read
if set Prim_stc contains :
- the concatenated primary and extension header (tag name : HDR)
- primary image (if any, tag name : IMG)
- data column 1 ...
and Exten_stc is set to 0
default:: not set (or set to 0)


read_fits_s reads in any type of FITS file (Image, Binary table or Ascii table) and outputs the data in IDL structures


This section lists the routines related to read_fits_s

version 6.4 or more is necessary to run read_fits_s
This HEALPix facility will generate the FITS format sky map that can be read by read_fits_s .
read_fits_cut4, read_fits_map
read_tqu, read_fits_s
HEALPix IDL routines to read cut-sky maps, full-sky maps, polarized full-sky maps and arbitrary data sets from FITS files
This HEALPix IDL facility can be used to generate FITS format sky maps readable by read_fits_s .


read_fits_s , 'dmr_skymap_90a_4yr.fits', pdata, xdata
read_fits_s reads in the file 'dmr_skymap_90a_4yr.fits'. On output, pdata contains the primary header and xdata is a structure whose first field is the extension header, and the other fields are vectors with respective tag names PIXEL, SIGNAL, N_OBS, SERROR, ... (see help,/struc,xdata)

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06