What is available?

The HEALPix-IDL tools are mostly designed to generate, visualize, filter and analyze sky maps; identify, query and process HEALPix pixels; and deal with angular spectral objects (such as power spectra or Spherical Harmonics coefficients), as detailed below. The full documentation is available online in IDL via healpix_doc

HEALPix maps related tools

* Visualization: gnomic, Mollweide, Cartesian, orthographic and azimuthal equatorial projections mollview, gnomview, cartview, orthview, azeqview (with interactive cursor: cartcursor, mollcursor, gnomcursor, orthcursor)
* Color table creation planck_colors
* Production of HEALPix maps in Google Sky and Dome Master format: hpx2gs, hpx2dm.
* Spherical Harmonics analysis and synthesis: ianafast, isynfast
* Smoothing and filtering: ismoothing, median_filter, remove_dipole
* Pixel pro/down-grading and NESTED/RING pixel reordering: ud_grade, reorder
* Mask processing: iprocess_mask
* Maps I/O: read_fits_cut4, read_fits_map, read_fits_s, read_tqu.
write_fits_cut4, write_fits_map, write_fits_sb, write_tqu.
getsize_fits, change_polcconv

HEALPix pixels related tools

* Coordinate tools: ang2vec, angulardistance, euler_matrix_new, rotate_coord, vec2ang
* Coordinates to pixel transforms, and back: nside2npix, npix2nside, ang2pix_*, pix2ang_*, pix2vec_*, vec2pix_*
* RING/NESTED transforms: nest2ring, ring2nest
* Unique Identifier to NESTED index, and back: uniq2nest, nest2uniq
* Neighbouring pixels: neighbours_nest, neighbours_ring
* Pixel query within a disc, polygon, strip or triangle: query_disc, query_polygon, query_strip, query_triangle.
* Template pixels: nside2ntemplates, same_shape_pixels_ring, same_shape_pixels_nest, template_pixel_ring, template_pixel_nest

Power spectrum, alm, beam and pixel window functions

* B(l), $B(\theta)$ and pixel WF generation: gaussbeam, beam2bl, bl2beam, healpixwindow
* C(l) binning: bin_llcl
* alm handling tools: alm_i2t, alm_t2i, index2lm, lm2index, ialteralm
* C(l), B(l) and alm I/O: fits2cl/cl2fits, bl2fits, fits2alm/alm2fits,

Other tools

* HEALPix variables and paths initialization: init_healpix
* online documentation: healpix_doc

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06