This Fortran facility provides a means to generate a gif image from an input HEALPix sky map. It is intended to allow some primitive visualisation for those with limited or no access to IDL. It is also useful for image generation in a pipeline environment.

Location in HEALPix directory tree: src/f90/map2gif/map2gif.f90 


% map2gif


- bar
Logical which determines whether a color bar is displayed default:.false..
- col
The number of the color table to utilise default:5.
- hlp
Print on-line help for the facility.
- inp
The file name of the input FITS sky map (default : none).
In map2gif (and map2gif only) it may be necessary to put the file name between quotes if it contains symbols such as &, [, ], ?, = or blanks
- log
Logical to use the log of the signal when plotting default:.false.
- ash
Logical to use the hyperbolic arc sine of the signal when plotting. Cannot be true when -log is true. default:.false.
- add
Real value to add to the signal before performing any other operation to it (like taking the logarithm etc.) default:0.0
- mul
Real value to multiply the signal with directly after adding the offset (see above). default:1.0
- min
Set the minimum value for the plotted signal default:is to use the actual signal minimum.
- max
Set the maximum value for the plotted signal default:is to use the actual signal maximum.
- pro
Select the projection scheme default:Mollweide.
- out
The file name of the output gif image (default : none).
Prepending the output file name with $\backslash$! (see example below) will allow the overwriting of the file if it already exists
- sig
The identifier of the signal to plot: for a polarisation map, then the mapping is 1 = I; 2 = Q; 3 = U default:1.
- ttl
A string specifying the title for the plot (default : none).
- xsz
The x-dimension of the image in pixels default:800.


map2gif reads in a HEALPix sky map in FITS format and generates an image in GIF format. map2gif allows the selection of the projection scheme (Mollweide or Gnomonic for small patches of the sky), color table, color bar inclusion, linear or log scaling, maximum and minimum range for the plot and plot-title. The facility utilises a command-line interface.


The following datasets are involved in the map2gif processing.

Dataset Description
None required


This section lists those routines and facilities (including those external to the HEALPix distribution) which can assist in the utilisation of map2gif.

xv or a similar facility is required to view the gif image generated by map2gif (a browser can also be used).
This HEALPix facility will generate the FITS format sky map to be input to map2gif.


map2gif -inp planck100GHZ-LFI.fits
-out $\backslash$!planck100GHZ-LFI.gif
-bar .true.
-min -100
-max 100
-ttl Simulated Planck LFI Sky Map at 100GHz
map2gif reads in the map `planck100GHZ-LFI.fits' and generates an output gif image with name `planck100GHZ-LFI.gif' (overwriting it if necessary) in which the temperature scale has been set to lie between $\pm$ 100 ($\mu$K), a color bar has been drawn and the title `Simulated Planck LFI Sky Map at 100GHz' appended to the image.


* Initial release (HEALPix 1.00)


This section describes error messages generated by map2gif

Message Severity Text
None at present

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06