Older Changes

Changes between releases 3.00 and 3.20

Version 3.20

* HEALPix-F90 routines and facilities can now also be compiled with the free Fortran95 compiler g95 (
* a separate build directory is used to store the objects, modules, ... produced during the compilation of the source codes
* improved handling of long FITS keywords, now producing FITS files fully compatible with the PyFITS and Astropy ( Python libraries
* improved FITS file parsing in generate_beam, affecting the external B(l) reading in the F90 facilities alteralm, synfast, sky_ng_sim, smoothing.

Version 3.11

* libsharp C routines used for Spherical Harmonics Transforms and introduced in HEALPix 3.10 can now be compiled with any gcc version.

Version 3.10

* all Fortran facilities now support most of cfitsio's ``Extended File Name Syntax'' features, allowing the reading and processing of an arbitrary HDU and table column out of remote, compressed FITS files. For example, setting
infile = ftp://url/file.fits.gz[extn][col colname]
in anafast will download the FITS file file.fits.gz from url, uncompress it, open the HDU (extension) featuring keyword EXTNAME=extn, or the one with 1-based rank number extn, read the table column with TTYPE*=colname out of it and will analyze it.
It is also possible to perform a remote anafast analysis of a Planck Legacy Archive (PLA) sky map named map.fits via the PLA AIO Subsystem by simply setting infile= as input map file.
* yet faster synfast, anafast, smoothing thanks to libsharp routines1.
Note that some gcc versions (4.4.1 to 4.4.6) crash with an internal compiler error during compilation of libsharp. The problem has been fixed in gcc 4.4.7, 4.5.*, 4.6.*, 4.7.* and newer versions and was not present in versions 4.2.* and 4.3.*.

Changes between releases 2.20 and 3.00

* all input FITS files can now be compressed (with a .gz, .Z, .z, or .zip extension) and/or remotely located (with a ftp:// or http:// prefix). Version 3.14 (March 2009) or newer of CFITSIO is required for HEALPix 3.0.
* introduction of process_mask facility to compute the angular distance of valid pixels to the closest invalid pixels for a input binary mask,
* sky_ng_sim now allows the computation of the spatial derivatives of the non Gaussian map being produced, and the output of the alm coefficients of that map,
* anafast now allows the pro/down-grading of the input mask to match the resolution of the map(s) being analyzed.

Changes between releases 2.14 and 2.20

* faster synfast, anafast, smoothing thanks to libpsht routines.
* most facilities can handle maps with ${N_{\rm side}}> 8192$, ie more than 805,306,368 pixels.
See ``F90 Subroutines Overview'' for details.

Changes between releases 2.13 and 2.14

* In synfast facility, a numerical bug affecting the accuracy of the Stokes parameter derivatives $\partial X/\partial\theta$, $\partial^2 X/(\partial\theta\partial\phi\sin\theta)$, $\partial^2 X/\partial \theta^2$, for X=Q,U has been corrected. See this appendix for details.

Changes between releases 2.0 and 2.1

* The anafast facility can now compute the cross-correlations of two different maps.
* The sky_ng_sim facility (Rocha et al, 2005), to produce non-Gaussian CMB temperature maps, has been added.

Changes between releases 1.2 and 2.0

* faster implementation of alm related facilities, generalization of OpenMP parallelization, and availability of MPI parallelized routines (see mpi_* routines in Fortran90 Subroutines Overview document).
* introduction of alteralm facility to modify and/or rotate the spherical harmonics coefficients alm and greater flexibility for constraining alm in synfast
* single and double precision implementation of most facilities (see Input and Output Precision page [*])

Version 3.31, 2017-01-06